Many young children today are well behind in language development compared to what is expected. This is very alarming, and it will have a negative impact on their formal learning.

We all need to communicate our needs and interests. This is particularly important for children who are developing at a very rapid rate in the first 5 years of life. We all have an important role in helping young children lay solid language foundations for future learning. The ability to clearly communicate ideas and thoughts is a vital part of learning for young children and later in formal schooling. Parents need to help children practice communicating from the earliest days. It is an important subject for all, from the Out & About infants right through to our Kindergarten children who will soon need these skills each day at Prep.

Developing of children’s language is a complex matter and takes consistent effort and considerable time. All parents should prioritise time for this. There are many influences on language learning, none more so than how much parents converse with children every day—even from the beginning. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

Language development also has a large impact on behaviour. Children who can express themselves clearly have less need to be forceful or feel frustrated which leads to pushing, biting or other undesirable behaviours .

Young infants and children listen to their parents, hear and learn about the rhythms and many forms of the spoken word and how to express themselves. Note, that they always pick up quickly on the less desirable words!

The more children hear language, and participate in two-way conversations, the more natural and rapid language development will be. How is your child going with this? As an example, Toddler age children should be speaking clearly enough to be understood and putting 4–5-word sentences together and know around 80-100 words well enough to use them with confidence. Children older than that should be holding clear, sustained conversations with adults and other children on a regular basis. Is your child doing this?

How can you help your child?



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